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This years I visited an old friend in Jackson Ohio.  I had not seen Mike in about 14 years so we had a lot of catching up to do.  During the course of our visit Mike pulled out some firearms he had and I ended up with this one.

A British SMLE Mk IV, Long Branch rebarrelled to
219 Zipper Improved

This cartridge started life as a simple "improvement" of the 219 Zipper, but with time it has become a real wildcat.  I don't know when the factories stop producing the 219 Zipper round but I do know I have never seen one.
Today the cartridges must be made.  One starts with the 30-30 Winchester case.  I neck them down to six millimeter, shorten it to length, then neck it down again to .224.  Anneal the the neck and shoulder. load with a snappy load and fireform.  A MAJOR pain in the butt!
After all that work you can expect a 5-10% loss.

Split cases some just barely and some big time


A three shot group fired at 100 yards.  29 grains of IMR 3031 with a 55 grain Serria Bullet (moly coated).  Group measures .209 center to center. 

The history of the 219 Zipper Improved reads like something out of the Book of Revalations.
Sometime before 1900 Charles Newton begot the 22 Hi-Power Savage.  In 1937, Winchester begot the 219 Zipper.  In 1938, P.O. Ackley begot the 219 Zipper Improved. In 1963 Winchester begot the 225 Winchester.  Then in 1965, Remington begot the 22-250; it slain it's cousins and all that came before it.
The differences between the 22 Hi-Power, 219 Zipper, 219 Zipper Improved and the 225 Winchester are slight.  They all based on the same cartridge; the 30-30 Winchester.  Yes, some are shorter than the others.  The shape of the cases differ and the rims differ somewhat but overall they all are based on the 30-30 case.
As for the 22-250, it's differs from the 219 Zipper Improved and the 225 Winchester by mostly being a rimless case.  The body is also bigger; .471 vs. .422.  The rimless case is stronger than the others.  Because of these differences the 22-250 is far and away a "hotter" case.
But, I don't have a 22-250 and I likely won't have one.  A 22-250 is like vanilla ice cream and the 219 Zipper Improved is like praline and cream.



This is a picture of the Gumsmith that built my 219 Zipper Improved.  His name is Marion Houseman.  I believe that this is the same rifle I have.  I'm guessing that this picture was taken in Texas or Arizonia in the mid 50's, early 60's. 

I fire formed my cases with a load of 26 grains of IMR 3031 and a 55 grain Remington bullet.  This load shot really well.
In the formed cases I used 29 grains with the same bullet.  This load will produce 3/4 inch groups all day long.  On good days quite a bit smaller.

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